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Those who want to hold their own in the market in the future must not only know the wishes and needs of their customers of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, but also know how the latest technical achievements can be profitably applied. In order to gain and maintain competitive advantages, you need one thing above all: a head start in knowledge and competence.

The eesy-ic team maintains close contact with the Chair of Technical Electronics at the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg and has many years of experience in the development of integrated circuits. We are in constant dialogue with the best minds in the industry and know the latest developments and market trends.

We offer seminars on various topics. The aim is to provide your employees with the expertise they need to develop new products and applications at the highest level, thus ensuring the success of your company. You have a task, an idea, a vision and need up-to-date and innovative know-how and suitable experts to implement it. Just ask us.

„Introduction to Verification and Test of Integrated Circuits“

2-day, individually adaptable seminar on integrated circuit testing

Dr. Martin Allinger

Integrated circuits in the area of analog, mixed-signal and RF are becoming increasingly complex. Therefore, test and verification is becoming more and more important and can essentially influence the success of a project.

Good verification and test solutions guarantee customer satisfaction and can prevent expensive customer complaints. In the value chain, test is one of the most important cost factors and therefore significantly determines product costs. A time-efficient test with good test coverage is one of the most important challenges for today’s IC development teams.

This seminar will give you an overview of today’s possibilities and “best practices” in testing and verification.

  • Introduction: Development cycle of an IC
  • Typical test setups and instruments (including environments for automated test)
  • Basic measurement and test concepts (DC)
  • DAU- Test
  • Data analysis and statistics
  • Sampling and DSP-based testing
  • ADU testing
  • Design-for-Test (DfT)
  • Typical test problems in the analog domain
  • Junge Test- und Verifikations-Ingenieure
  • Ingenieure von System- und Schaltungsdesign, die sich mehr über die Aufgaben und Herausforderungen des Tests und der Verifikation von integrierten Schaltungen informieren wollen

Martin Allinger studied electrical engineering with a focus on microelectronics at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. He started his career in 2007 as a development engineer with focus on the development of production test solutions for high-resolution data converters at Texas Instruments.

In 2012 he received a PhD from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. In the same year he joined the IC development team of eesy-ic in Nuremberg.

The scope and depth of the topics can be individually tailored to your needs – ask for a non-binding offer! The seminars can also be offered as company seminars.

Findings on integrated circuits

Papers from eesy-ic employees

We would like to present these scientific publications of our staff to you:

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A 1.5mW 1MSPS 16bit SAR ADC with high performance
Ohnhaeuser, F.; Bialek, J. – Published in Semiconductor Conference Dresden-Grenoble (ISCDG), 2012 International

Novel Method to Measure the Capacitive Matching of A/D Converter Based on Successive Approximation
Ohnhaeuser, F.; Reinhold, M.; Wickmann, A.; Allinger, M. – Published in Instrumentation and Measurement, IEEE Transactions on. Volume:62, Issue: 10

Modeling and simulation of quantizer and DAC nonidealities of a continuous time ΔΣ modulator
Schmid, K.; Raschbacher, S.; Ohnhauser, F. – Published in Semiconductor Conference Dresden-Grenoble (ISCDG), 2013 International

A trimmable precision bandgap voltage reference on 180 nm CMOS
Timm, S.; Wickmann, A. – Published in Semiconductor Conference Dresden-Grenoble (ISCDG), 2013 International

A Floating CDAC architecture for high-resolution and low-power SAR A/D converter
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