Mixed-Signal IC Design and Layout

Accuracy is the basis for success

Designing analog components becomes a more elaborate and challenging process due to the high level of complexity when merging analog and digital components on one IC.

The accuracy of analog and mixed-signal circuits typically defines the precision of the entire system and while integrating analog and digital circuits reveals many new possibilities, it also leads to new challenges in design. The eesy-ic team has skilled and experienced experts to develop high-precision and powerful ICs such as data converters. Benefit from our know-how and extensive experience.

  • Analog-digital-converters
  • Digital-analog-converters
  • Comparators
  • And many more
  • High accuracy products
  • Low power consumption
  • Minimal space requirements
  • Powerful end-product
  • Customer-oriented business approach
  • Sensors
  • Mobile communication
  • Medical technology
  • Actuators
  • Power management
  • Industrial applications