IC- Production Test

For absolutely flawless functionality of ICs

The manufacturing process of integrated circuits can introduce errors within 85-99% of products depending on the process used and robustness of the IC’s design. To ensure high quality in systems only 100% functional ICs should be used. That assumes that after manufacturing each single IC is tested for functionality and performance before integrating it into the end-product.

At eesy-ic, our test engineers have extensive experience in the development of efficient and cost-effective production tests, which ensure high quality and excellent performance in all of our products.

  • Test Development on various platforms: Teradyne, Eagle, LTX-Credence, Verigy/Advantest
  • High-precision measurement technology
  • Optimization of test time
  • Design-for-test concepts (DfT)
  • On-site testing (own platform)
  • Excellent performance
  • Time and cost-effective solutions
  • Flawless functionality


For small series and small to medium sized quantities of up to 10 million ICs per year, we offer production testing in our own test floor.

Test at wafer level

For production testing on silicon wafers, our in-house test cell consists of a production test system from LTX from the X-Series and a fully automated wafer prober from Martek (EG4900u+)

Test of ICs in the package

The LTX X-Series production test system is also available for production testing. A pick and place handler from Cohu/Multitest completes the test cell.

  • Delay-free implementation due to product knowledge on site
  • Fast investigations and problem solutions due to proximity to the development team
  • Time and cost savings (no logistics to Asia necessary)
  • Optimal quality for your product

Equipment Highlights

Our lab set up and production test equipment.