Test solutions for more reliability

IC verification & characterization ensures best results

With the test solutions from eesy-ic, realistic tests of electrical systems can be performed particularly easily and efficiently.

We currently offer the following test solutions:

IC Test Platform

The particularly small form of the test platform is ideal for IC verification, as it fits under the sample station as well as in the temperature chamber. In addition, you only need a small number of cable connections. The short connections to the “DUT” make it possible to minimize parasitic effects such as digital signal delays or analog signal distortions.

After an update, the test board now offers the user an additional measurement path. This has an even better analog performance than the previous model. Both the usability and the overall performance have been optimized.

  • 8 power supplies (±16.5 V, 100 mA)
  • 4 reference sources (±12 V)
  • 2 current sources (±100 mA)
  • 2 high accuracy analog signal paths
  • 3 measurement paths (up to 24 bit)
  • Fully programmable digital interface
  • Customizable software
  • Data converters (ADC, DAC)
  • Amplifiers (OPA, INA)
  • Mixed-signal ASICs
  • Hardware development
  • Software development
  • Verification and characterization of ICs
  • Service contract
  • Calibration