Intellectual Property

Silicon proven

With our available IP blocks you maximize the quality of your SoC design and reduce the number of blocks to be developed. We build IP in conjunction with existing and new IP blocks. This ensures easy integration into your ASICs or SoCs. Our solution approach covers both manufacturing and system realization.

Please find here the current extract of IP blocks offered by eesy-ic:

Analog IP blocks

  • LDO (1,8V out; 5V in)
  • Time Contineous Delta-Sigma Modulator
  • 1,25V Reference
  • Time-to-Digital Converter
  • FMCW Synthesizer
  • Galvanic Isolation (500V)
  • 18bit SAR ADC
  • 10bit, 2GSPS ADC

Digital IP blocks

  • BCH Encoder / Decoder
  • AES Encryption / Decryption
  • 8b10b coding
  • Scrambler / Descrambler
  • Pattern Generators
  • FIR Filters
  • Delta-Sigma-Modulators
  • Digital Interfaces (SPI, I2C,…)
  • JESD204B Transmitter