Ultra-Low Power, 18-Bit, 1MSPS Analog-Digital Converter

eyADC-SI1 is an Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) based on Successive Approximation that provides a sample rate of 1MSPS at a high accuracy (18bit). The Zero-Power Sampling enables a continuous sampling without power consumption. The inputs can be programmed to be single-ended (SE) of fully differential (diff.) around a common-mode voltage. The power consumption therefore scales with the conversion rate. Zero-Power Sampling together with the best in class power consumption makes the eyADC-SI1 ideal for low-power application such as battery driven applications.

  • 5mW Power Consumption
  • Zero-Power Sampling
  • Excellent Performance
    • ±1LSB DNL
    • ±2.5LSB INL
    • 98dB SNR
    • 100dB THD at 10kHz
  • Integrated Oversampling
  • Single-Ended and Differential Mode
  • Wide Common Mode Voltage Range: 0V to REF
  • Data Acquisition
  • Flow Meter
  • Industrial Process Control
  • Medical Instrumentation