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Development of Integrated Circuits


Frauenweiherstraße 15, 91058 Erlangen

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Frauenweiherstraße 15, 91058 Erlangen

The company and its leading figures

eesy-ic Ltd was founded as fabless-company for the development of integrated circuits by the university professors Prof. Dr. Dr. Robert Weigel and Prof. Dr. Richard Hagelauer in January 2012.

Prof. Hagelauer has been the head of the Johannes Kepler University (JKU) in Linz and member of the Upper Austrian Research and Technology Council. His research is focused on the design of analog, digital and mixed-signal integrated circuits with a special emphasis on analog and RF circuits for wireless systems. 

In 1999 he co-founded DICE (Danube Integrated Circuit Engineering) and DMCE (Danube Mobile Communications Engineering). His Institute of Integrated Circuits is in cooperation with Infineon and Intel.

Prof. Weigel is head of the Institute for Electronics Engineering at the Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg.
In August 1999 he co-founded DICE (Danube Integrated Circuit Engineering), Linz, meanwhile an Infineon Technologies Design Center (DICE) and an Intel company DMCE (Danube Mobile Communications Engineering). Both companies are devoted to the design of industrial electronics and mobile radio electronics.

Design for the future

The primary focus of eesy-ic is design of integrated circuits (ICs) and development of production test solutions. The great strength of the company are the ability to identify the future trends at an early stage, take advantage of and create new opportunities, and to develop necessary solutions of tomorrow.

Know-how for the support of our customers

The most important success factor for our products is specialized knowledge and experience of our employees. Our highly-motivated team has developed many products from specification all the way to production. The eesy-ic team can offer ist extensive experience and excellent know-how and is regarded among the best specialists of the industry.

Furthermore, our customer-oriented approach is a priority for us. Our primary focus is always on customer satisfaction and providing a specially tailored solution. All employees regularly attend professional seminars on Customer Relationship Management, Customer Loyalty Boot Camp, Crucial Communication, and/or consulting services to ensure customer satisfaction is met if not exceeded. 

Products for individual applications

Product solutions by eesy-ic are distinguished by high quality and excellent performance. They find a wide range of specific applications in electrical drives, automation technology, flow meters for gases and liquids, sensor technology and many other areas.