IC- Production Test

For absolutely flawless functionality of ICs

The manufacturing process of integrated circuits can introduce errors within 85-99% of products depending on the process used and robustness of the IC's design. To ensure high quality in systems only 100% functional ICs should be used. That assumes that after manufacturing each single IC is tested for functionality and performance before integrating it into the end-product.

At eesy-ic, our test engineers have extensive experience in the development of efficient and cost-effective production tests, which ensure high quality and excellent performance in all of our products.

Our Services:

  • Testing on various platforms: Teradyne, Eagle, LTX-Credence, Verigy/Advantest
  • High-precision measurement technology
  • Optimization of test time
  • Design-for-test concepts (DfT)
  • On-site testing (own platform)

Your Benefits:

  • Excellent performance
  • Time and cost-effective solutions
  • Flawless functionality