Ultra low power, 18bit A/D converter based on successive approximation

The eyADC-SI2 is a dual channel differential analog-to-digital converter (ADC) based on successive approximation (SAR) with high accuracy (18 bit).

and a sampling rate of up to 1 MSPS. The reference voltage is generated on chip and only requires one external capacitor.

eyADCSI2 also provides an input common mode voltage source to set the common mode for reference free signal sources. Both the reference and the common mode voltage source require very little power keeping the quiescent power consumption at only 50 μW.

The ADC itself consumes no power during sampling (zero power sampling). Therefore its power consumption scales linearly with the conversion.

The development is being funded as part of the joint project WiMuSens – intelligent electronic wireless multi-sensor system for online process optimization. This is part of the German government’s framework program for research and innovation 2016-2020 “Microelectronics from Germany – Innovation Drivers of Digitalization”.

  • SAR based architecture with 18 bit resolution
  • Conversion rate of up to 1 MSPS
  • +- 2,5V differential input voltage range
  • <230 μW typical power consumption per channel
  • internal reference and input common mode voltage sources
  • Data Acquisition
  • Flow Meter
  • Industrial Process Control
  • Medical Instrumentation

Samples as well as function adaptations are available on request.