high-precision UV-LED controller

The step-down LED controller is a high-precision universal LED control chip. Due to its LED current sensing architecture, either a single or a chain of LEDs can be controlled. For the operating point of the LEDs, either the LED current, the LED light intensity or the ambient temperature can be used as measurement variables of the control loop.

The IC provides a pulsed current signal which is smoothed via an external low-pass filter. In this way the average value of the current can be set to 12 bits. From a load current of 50mA, the maximum current ripple is less than 5%. Alternatively, the chip can be used as a linear regulator to avoid any kind of ripple.

The control takes place either via a digital SPI interface or via analog input signals.

  • Internal LED Forward Voltage up to 15V and currents up to 500mA
  • External LED Forward Voltage support up to 200V
  • LED Current, Temperature, and Light Intensity Sensor Measurements with 12 bit Resolution
  • Digitally-regulated Loop Control Mechanism
  • Resolution of ADC is 14 bit and of DAC 12 bit
  • Capability to Record and Process User-defined Analog and Digital Set-Points as References
  • UV LED Control for applications in the area of:
    • Disinfection
    • Medicine
    • Environment & Life Sience
    • Production
  • Shunt Measurement
  • Temperature Measurement
  • Light Intensity Measurement

Can be configured to function as stand-alone PWM modulator, ADC and DAC.