Real-Time-Capable Data Processor

The eyADC-PG1 is a single channel Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) based on a pipeline architecture. Several Power-Down Modes are available. Pipeline Converter typically operate with a background calibration to provide the excellent analog performance such ±1LSB in DNL (typ.) over temperature. After power up or longer power down cycles, pipeline ADCs normally require longer settling times. The eyADC-PG1 provides a special Fast Wake-up Mode for an immediate (<100ns) wake up, with a limited performance of 12bit. The performance will then increase to 16bit within 150us. The digital output is provided over a 4 lane JESD204B interface. This allows a slim interface, which is easy to route on a PCB.

  • 500mW power consumption
  • Various power-down modes
  • FAST-Wake-up Mode
  • Excellent Performance
    • ±1LSB in DNL
    • 12 ENOB
    • 74dB in SNR
    • 85dB in THD
    • JESD204B interface
  • IoT
    • Communication
    • Car2Car Communication
  • Big Data
    • Data Acquisition
  • Medical Imaging
  • Cellular Base Station
  • Software Defined Radio