Analog-digital converter for readout of encoders with SinCos outputs

Encoder systems are among the most common devices for controlling motors

eyADC-DG2 is an analog front end for the evaluation of incremental encoder with sine/cosine outputs. The chip includes two sign comparators which control an internal up-down counter. Additionally, the sine/cosine signals are converted and filtered by continuous time Delta-Sigma ADCs.

The exact angle information obtained by arctan calculation, the raw as well as filtered modulator output data can be accessed via SPI interface. Additionally, an integrated sample rate converter allows the access of the raw data when using an application clock lower then 32MHz.

An LDO, an internal reference voltage generator, and an internal clock generator provide all important functionalities for implementation of the ayADC-DG2 into application.

  • 2 Delta-Sigma ADCs
  • 2 Sign Comperators
  • Up-Down Counter
  • up to 500kHz Signal Frequency
  • 16bit NMC
  • 90dB SNR
  • high common mode range of +/-7V
  • integrated arctan calculation
  • integrated digital sinc filter
  • Incremental encoder with sine/cosine outputs
  • Dual-channel low power data acquisition
  • Continuous time Delta Sigma modulators avoid the need for further external analog signal processing
  • The reliability and performance of the complete system is increased  while  minimizing  complexity and production costs
  • Evaluation Board