IC-Verification and Characterization

Reliable functionality and life cycle of your ICs

A careful IC-verification and characterization ensures the success of an IC in full application. A quality verification and characterization safeguards all IC parameters against leaving their specified parameters, meaning the IC can function at its best.

eesy-ic prides itself on ensuring all products are tested on the best equipment and in varying conditions to reveal and remove all flaws in an IC before it leaves our company.  

eesy-ic's comprehensive testing includes fluctuations in: 

    • Ambient temperature
    • Supply voltages
    • Process parameters

    In addition, all ICs are qualified against the following: 

    • Robustness against ESD stress (electrostatic discharge)
    • Influence through humidity of the environment and mechanical stress
    • Stress during soldering
    • Long-term drift

    Our Services:

    • Development of test solutions for verification and characterization:
      • Design and layout of hardware
      • Software development with C, C++, C# and LabVIEW
      • Characterization and verification
      • Qualification

    Your Benefits:

    • Flawless ICs
    • Faster time-to-market