Data-Analysis-Software for Production Test Data

Evaluate your data in an effective way

The range of software in the field of production test at eesy-ic shall be read as a complete toolset to cover the entire quality assurance.


Detailed features

  • Time efficient standard test data format (stdt) parser
  • Memory efficient data storage
  • Quick visual presentation
  • Good production data analysis
  • Clear representation of large sets of data (e.g. production test data)
    in form of trend chart, normal probability plot or histograms
  • Analysis for multiple stdf-files simultaneously
  • Filter and grouping options for file, test head, test site
  • Cross-referencing between plots (e.g. analysis for potential drift)
  • Option for correlation plots
  • Data export and module for automated report generation


Extra feature: tools for capability study/measurement stability analysis in work