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eesy-ic exhibits at IEEE International Semiconductor Conference Dresden-Grenoble

eesy-ic exhibits at IEEE International Semiconductor Conference Dresden-Grenoble

eesy-ic exhibits at IEEE International Semiconductor Conference Dresden-Grenoble

eesy-ic participated in the IEEE International Semiconductor Conference (ISCDG) in Dresden – one of the two major European sites for semiconductor research, development, and production.

Leading players and experts came together to exchange their knowledge and experience for this two day conference. The objective of the ISCDG is to enhance the visibility of international excellence of the European players in micro- and nano-electronics. eesy-ic’s team was also able to present a selection of their new ideas to the public at the conference.

Furthermore, eesy-ic’s colleague Matthias Maser received the Best Student Paper Award for his paper entitled "An Integrated SiGe Bipolar VCO with Linearized Tuning Behavior and Ultra-Wide Tuning Range for UWB FMCW Local Positioning Systems."


Germany's eesy-ic announces new CTO

Germany's eesy-ic announces new CTO

Georg Schmidt, CEO and CVO of eesy-ic, announced that he has transferred the technical management of eesy-ic to Dr. Frank Ohnhäuser, current CTO and CEO.

“Ohnhäuser is the ideal fit for the position due to his wide experience in the development of integrated circuits,” Schmidt says. Besides Ohnhäuser's long list of patents and applications, he previously opened a design center for Burr-Brown/Texas Instruments in 1999 and successfully led it until beginning at eesy-ic.

Furthermore, Ohnhäuser is teaching analog IC design at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. This will allow close cooperation between eesy-ic and the university to ensure dynamic growth. "I'm looking forward to a successful future," Schmidt said.


eesy-ic opens new design center in Germany

eesy-ic has opened a new design center in Nuremberg, Germany. eesy-ic specializes in customized integrated circuit (ICs) development as well as application specific ICs with analog focus. The development includes the complete product development flow starting from product definition, IC-design, IC-layout, characterization, and production test. Foundries are used for the production. Special knowhow is available for signal conditioning and data conversion up to 1MSPS conversion rate with high resolution. Further expertize is available in RF design.

eesy-ic also offers consulting for IC- and Hardware developments. The new location should increase the cooperation with the Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg to ensure dynamic growth.

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