New Products


eyRF-S12 - digitally controlled synthesizer, 12 GHz

Based on an All-Digital Phase Locked Loop, the "ey-RF-S12" generates a very stable frequency modulated signal in the range of 12 GHz to 12.5GHz which can be configured via an SPI interface. Fast and linear chirps are the groundwork for high precision positioning. The chirp duration is adjustable from 0.1ms to 10ms and the modulation frequency is programmable up to 500 MHz with 24 Bits resolution. An integrated software controlled measurement of the oscillator’s frequency characteristic triggers a linearization that makes highly linear frequency ramps possible. Phase noise and modulation speed can be optimized with the aid of two-point modulation and a programmable loop filter. Additionally, an FSK modulation enables the exchange of data between two radar stations.

The "ey-RF-S12" is shown at the embedded world 2018 in Nuremberg. 


eyICL8P - 8 Channel PLC Interface with 500V Isolation

The "eyICL8P" is an eight channel, digital-input interface device for high channel densitiy modules in industrial and building automation. The input switching characteristitc can be configured in accordance with IEC61131-2 standard for Typie 1,2 and 3 switches.

The product flyer of the eyICL8P is also available.


eyADC-DG2 - a Comprehensive Solution for Phase Measurement in Encoder Applications

eyADC-DG2 - a Comprehensive Solution for Phase Measurement in Encoder Applications

The “eyADC-DG2” overcomes the disadvantages of capacitive signal sampling by using continuous time Delta Sigma modulators.

The usage of continuous time Delta Sigma modulators in motor control applications avoids the need for further analog signal processing by external circuitries. The reliability and performance of the complete system is increased while minimizing complexity and production costs.


The chip’s sinusoidal input signals are directly fed to resistors, which facilitatea very high input common mode voltage range. Additionally, resistors allow high linearity due to their low voltage coefficients. Continuous time Delta Sigma modulators also provide the advantage of inherent suppression of high frequencies: The input signal is oversampled and a low-pass filter is applied digitally. This provides further immunity against high frequency distortions. 

The product flyer of the eyADC-DG2 is also available.