ICs for Industrial Applications

Key technologies of today and tomorrow

Simple circuit components have been implemented in integrated circuits (IC) since 1920. More and more complex components followed, such as AD converters, DA converters, PLLs and many more. Integrated circuits offer significant advantages compared to the realization on a printed circuit board:

  • Significantly lower space requirement
  • Reduced unit costs
  • Lower power loss
  • More complex circuits
  • Significantly better matching of the components

Especially in the development of AD converters, the above mentioned advantages resulted in significant increases in price, performance and space requirements.

Nowadays, more and more complete systems are being integrated. We at eesy-ic have many years of experience in the implementation of complete systems as well as in the integration of individual function blocks such as AD converters with highest performance.

We support our customers in the entire development flow starting with system architecture and design, in controlling the production of the prototypes up to the start of production.

Realizing integrated circuits with highest complexity is our strength, because we are specialists for RF analog, high precision analog, digital and mixed signal circuits.

Besides the application specific integrated circuits we offer ICs for a wide range of industrial applications e.g. motor control systems or industrial and building automation.

We offer: