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Find out how exciting working as an analog designer can be. In this video, Artur explains how he helped design a wireless body area network transceiver chip in his first project.

With these videos we want to bring the design of integrated circuits to life.

Science and practice go hand in hand at our company.

In this video you will get an insight into the work on the digitally controlled frequency synthesizer for FMCW radar systems. And Analog Designer Markus talks about his personal goal, a PhD in microelectronics.


Topic: variety of cultures

Germany, Egypt, Ukraine, Brazil, Tunisia, Serbia and more – our engineers have a multicultural background. The joint development of innovative ideas benefits from this intercultural cooperation. How do the employees experience the cultural characteristics and creative potential in the company?


You are Physical Layouter, better to say Physical Design Engineer at eesy-ic. Since many years you are in Germany, born in Bangladesh. I am happy that you share your experience working in intercultural teams in an interview.

“10 different nations are working together in the company. Cultural differences influence the dynamics of project teams. How do you experience the cultural characteristics in your team?” Cross-cultural teams have a high potential of creativity due to team members of different nationalities with diversified knowledge on a given topic. It is always helpful for me to have a different view on the tasked I am assigned for from a different perspective which most of the time simplifies the problem or allows me to have a better understanding.

„You often hear that intercultural cooperation represents a creative potential for the joint development of innovative ideas. Do you think this statement is correct and how do you experience it every day?“ When people from different part of the world with their diverse and rich cultures harmonizes at a point, it makes a path for unique perspectives and ideas. A diverse team requires strong leadership to overcome the differences and to converge the team to work through the challenges. From my point of view eesy-ic is a good example of that.

In our daily life we spend most of the day at the office. A misunderstanding or conflict can arise, it’s very normal phenomenon. But I always keep in mind that any disagreement is like opening a door to learn new things from the other person. The difference between the team members needs to be respected and should be driven to an open discussion. So far, we have always been able to communicate well within the team and concentrate on the project goal.

As a physical design engineer, Shahriar contributes to the Analog, Mixed signal and RF Layout Design for over 2 years. In order to have an optimum design, the floor planning and area estimation requires a good understanding of the technology along with layout hierarchy from block level to top level. An effective communication between a physical design engineer and the circuit designer is a must for a good design, where the individuals discusses about matching and other critical elements of the circuit that needs to be considered before starting the layout. In addition to that, physical design verification is carried out at block level to chip level individually to fix LVS, DRC, ANTDRC and ERC violations. It also falls under the responsibility of a physical design engineer to deliver the final GDSII to meet the tape out deadline.

TOPIC: generation mix

3 generations* are working under one roof at eesy-ic. 68 percent of the employees are “Millennials” and thus between 26 and 39 years old. How do the “Millennials” experience the working world in general and at eesy-ic in particular? We let the generation have its say. *Generation Golf, Generation Millennials and Digital Natives 2.0 are mostly represented plus the group of very experienced colleagues from the Generation “Baby Boomers”.

“Hi Artur. You’re 30 years old, which makes you a “Millennial.” You have completed a dual study with us. What made you decide to do this in the field of electrical engineering?”


“My enthusiasm for the jobs and fields of work on offer after my first successful bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering could not compete with the urge to try out another subject from scratch. With electrical engineering I found something that can challenge and motivate me at the same time.”

“If you look around on the net or in studies on the generation of the “Millenials”, you will come across sentences like “Work must be fun”. What do you think about that?” “It is important for me to do something that can interest and fascinate me. Once I have joined a team, the whole environment with colleagues and superiors counts in addition to the technical aspects. With them I not only want to function, but also to harmonize and ideally develop myself further. Essential for this is an open and communicative corporate culture, which is also lived beyond the boundaries of the home office, so that short arrangements and agreements over the office desk also work virtually. This works at eesy-ic.”

“Leadership positions should no longer be so important to your generation. Rather specialist careers and project-related work and the demand for private life, so away from the image of the “Workaholic”. Can you identify yourself with these statements?” “Today, one can no longer expect to stay in the same company for decades, so that one is always aware of its market value and does not necessarily favor the position with the greatest monetary incentive. Much more important are factors such as flexibility in the organization of working hours and location. There should also be enough time and energy for one’s own private life with family, sports and hobbies. I would therefore prefer a nine to five job with exciting content to the next higher and probably stressful management level. So, all in all I can understand the statements.”

Artur has been with eesy-ic as an Analog Design Engineer since 2018 and, with 68 %, embodies the Generation Y in the company. Together with about 20 other colleagues of different generations he contributes to an exciting and innovative working environment. Realizing integrated circuits with highest complexity is one of the core competences of eesy-ic.

Malte is also a member of the Millennials generation who has clear ideas and goals. For the Analog Design Engnineer work is more than getting a job, completing it and waiting for the next one. Varied, interesting and complex, the demands on the job are increasing. In a medium-Sized company like mine, I have found a job where variety is pre-programmed.

“From customer contact and basic system design, to circuit design, circuit layout and test board design, everything is covered.” “What I like most about working at eesy-IC is the fact that I have been involved in every single step of the IC I am working on. The project has been going on for over 2 years and to be part of the “birth” of a circuit from the idea to the finished silicon is a very fulfilling experience.”

“It is a great feedback when the finished IC lies in front of you as “bare silicon” and you can use the microscope to get an idea of the nanometer-sized circuits that you have previously designed on the PC in painstaking detail over years.”

Malte started his career as an analog designer with us in June 2018. Before that he worked for 3 years as a working student and also wrote his master thesis with the topic “Implementation of a phase locked loop and a serializer for a JESD interface” in the company. He himself describes the attitude of the “Millennials” towards the working world as follows: “Especially since my generation Y and the younger generation Z, the trend is to realize own ideas, to contribute and to have a work with meaning.”

The interview was conducted by Daniela Rother, herself a “Millennial”. She has been working in the company’s marketing department since 2016 and is passionate about the topic of intergenerational communication.